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This category is cafes and talks about everything and anything on cafes. These include the best cafes and tips to run your very own cafes.

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This category is baking and talks about several facets of the baking activity such as the best pastries and desserts.

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2 Cafes that Serve the Best Desserts

Cafes serve great purposes. They are a nice place to have a cup of coffee. They are good places to either relax or work. They are also a sanctuary that allow people to gather together and bond by having a good time.

In terms of what is served, coffee is not the only thing that cafes are known for. Not surprising as coffee has been ingrained in people’s daily lives, with coffee also offering health benefits.

However, there are some cafes that also serve some of the best desserts you’ll ever taste.

Let’s take a look at several cafes that serve the best desserts.

Honest Chocolate


The first café we’ll be looking at is called Honest Chocolate. This is a café located in South Africa, in Cape Town.

As the café’s name suggests, their forte is chocolate. From cacao, the creators of Honest Chocolate began experimenting and creating desserts for their families and friends. The thing was, these treats were very healthy.

Eventually, people began to demand more. In order to keep up with the supply, the Honest Chocolate café was born, with chocolate enthusiasts – trained in the science and art of it – came together.

There are several factors that make Honest Chocolate unique. First of all, their products are all handmade. They believe that they are ultimately responsible for the things that they make, and its taste.

The ingredients that they get are all from local sources. Through their business, they want to give the opportunity to have the other businesses thrive as well.

They also focus on dark chocolate and are not afraid of its taste, like some people are wont to do. They believe in the health benefits of dark chocolate and they don’t like adding too much sugar to it.

So, what exactly do they serve?

First, they serve bars of chocolate with different flavors. These are mostly dark chocolate with some differences. These differences include coconut blossom sugar, Kalahari salt, and nartjie.

They also serve chocolate bonbons, spreads, and nibs. Other than these, they also coffee and cakes.

Vanilla Industry


Next up, we have Vanilla Industry located in Bangkok. Established in 2004, the Vanilla Industry started as a simple restaurant and café. When success came about though, their café and restaurant separated. In fact, there are five branches in all.

The bakeshop has a very classic feel to it. It is brought about by the open baking area that allows people to watch the magic taking place.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, head on over. Their specialty is called the Ring. It is essentially a croissant donut that has custard sauce, vanilla ice cream, and many other things.

They also have a cake called the Dark Chocolate Self Saucing cake. It is essentially a chocolate cake, with chocolate sauces, and fruits to accompany it.

These are two cafes that you should definitely visit for their desserts. We hope you can travel the world and search for more cafés with great desserts. If you really have a sweet tooth, try tracking down the best bakeries around the world as well.


2 Cafes to Visit Before You Die

The café business is booming nowadays. Being seen as a profitable business, people are now opening up cafes left and right. Apart from the famous coffee shop chains like Starbucks, how would people know which to visit?

That is where the Dutch Maid comes in. Come and discover with us the many different cafes that you should visit from around the world before you kick the bucket.

Café Reggio


Our first stop is in America, New York. The first café we’ll be looking at is called Café Reggio. Nowadays, cappuccino is a very common thing among coffee houses. However, Café Reggio stands out as the very first coffee shop to serve cappuccinos.

The coffee shop was initially owned by a barber named Domenico Parisi. He apparently brought the first ever cappuccino machine into America in the late 1920s.

At the time, it actually wasn’t a coffee shop. Parisicontinued on with his barbershop business. He only used the cappuccino machine to serve to his haircut clients while they waited for their turn.

If you visit this coffee shop in Greenwich Village, it carries an air of historical significance indeed as the walls are painted with earthy tones resembling the sepia filter.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, there have been a great host of famous clientele in Café Reggio.

Café Giang


Next up, we are flying to Hanoi which produces more coffee than anyone in the world, except Brazil. Café Giang has been around for a while as it was established back in the late 1940s.

It has been through tough times as it survived wars and several changes of addresses.

The real draw here is their unique coffee. Its unique quality comes from its ingredient: egg. Yes, this café offers egg coffee, otherwise known as ca phetrung.

Back in the day, it was very hard for milk to be procured in Vietnam. They had to make do with what they had. Instead, they used the egg, specifically the yolk. Several other ingredients are added to make it have a sweet finish.

We hope that you do get to fly around the world and visit these cafes and so much more. Keep your eyes peeled for cafes with the best desserts as well.


4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Baking

Many people are daunted by the kitchen. Whenever they think about cooking or baking, it daunts them and – to use a modern saying – just nope out of there!

However, with enough time, patience, and some help from your friends at The Dutch maid, you’ll be baking in no time. Here are several tips to help you with your baking.

Buy Good Baking Equipment


The first tip that we can share with you is to invest in good equipment that you can use for your baking. It is much like any sport or hobby where you want to succeed at. With soccer, you go for good shoes and shin guards. For boxing, you buy some nice gloves and hand wraps.

In much the same vein, why not buy some good equipment for your baking? This doesn’t mean that you can only bake good desserts and such with quality materials. In fact, bakers can do wonders with even a simple over.

Oven aside though, you should really think about your pans and sheet trays. If these are low quality, they won’t do what they are supposed to do which is to conduct heat. If that doesn’t happen, then your desserts won’t come out the way you are expecting them to.

When you start getting good at baking, you can up the ante and start with kitchen renovations for better baking.

Temperature of Ingredients


Some bakers might think that just buying high quality ingredients is enough. While high quality ingredients can yield high quality desserts, it is not the only thing that people should be thinking about.

There has to be consideration for the temperature of the ingredients. Most recipes actually call for room temperature ingredients, and for good reasons. In some cases, it helps mix several ingredients together.

This tip also calls to mind the fact that you need to plan your baking out.

Furthermore, “room temperature” is not the only important temperature to think about. When mixing other ingredients, you have to think about their own temperatures.

For instance, a hot ingredient mixed with a cold one could have damning effects to what you’re baking. This usually happens with cocoa and cream for sauces.

Measuring is Key


If you’ve ever read a recipe before, you know that it is chockfull of measurements that you need to follow. And for good reason!

In many ways, baking is a very precise science. While it may happen, it is extremely rare for people to just mix random ingredients together willy-nilly and get a good tasting dessert.

Thus, you need to practice and be decent at measuring ingredients. In order to do so, you should start by getting the proper equipment for measuring. Measuring cups and spoons are essential.

Then, you should understand what each equipment is for. A piece of measuring equipment for dry ingredients should not be used for wet ones.

Add Salt to the Sweetness


The final tip we have for you, and probably one that should only be experimented with once you have the basics down, is to use salt for what you are baking.

It seems counterintuitive but using salt for whatever you are baking can be the step that changes everything.

Using salt allows for several tastes to rise up and get noticed better. These include tastes like vanilla, lemon, and sugar.

We hope that these tips help you on your baking journey.Tyr and check out the best desserts from certain cafes to have something to aim for.


3 Renovation Tips to Maximize your Café Kitchen

Cafés and coffee shops are not large establishments. They need only take small spaces, and medium areas at best. For cafes, small sizes are ideal. Cafes don’t really need that much space. Plus, it saves much on rent money that way.

One downside though is the space for the other rooms. One example is the kitchen. Good chefs can still do great things in small kitchens. However, with a bigger kitchen, it really contributes to a stress-free and enjoyable environment that fosters good product creation.

Thus, here are several renovation tips that will help you maximize your café kitchen space from our good neighbors that operate a renovation company.

Cabinets Are Your Friends

The first piece of advice that we have for you is that cabinets are your friends. Too often, when renovations are coming into play, the look and aesthetic of the exterior cabinet is planned way more than it should be.

People get way too hung up on what the cabinet will look like. However, you should consider focusing your people’s energy – and your own money for that matter – on the interior of the cabinet itself. After all, the inside is the important part.

In order to maximize space in cabinets, one tip we can give you is to invest in a cabinet that is not made of wood. Good quality wood furniture and cabinets is indeed great to look at.

The reality though is that when cabinets are made of wood, their interiors inevitable end up losing space to the wood material itself. Consider making a very thin and deep pantry or cabinet. This can be stuck in places that are usually just blank space.

Another tip for you is the kitchen island. With size at stake, the kitchen island is usually the first to go. However, you can compromise and get a kitchen island still. Try making it a mobile kitchen island with wheels underneath. That way, you can move it around for whenever you need it.

Plan for the Floor Plan

The next thing you should be doing before renovations even start is planning (or re-planning) the floor plan.

If you are running out or tight on space, there are two things you can do. You can either accept your fate and make with your small space, or look at the floor plan and see where you can take space from.

There are a lot of things that you can do to expand your space without actually increasing the space of a particular room. For a kitchen for example, if you can’t obliterate a wall and get more space, you can just cut a space out of the wall to make some walking area.

Watch out for any doors that swing in and out that you may not need. Another thing to look out for are hallways. Consider getting rid of them, as they are not really productive spaces.

Think Small

Finally, you should alwaysthink small for your small space. Have a mindset that you only have a small space and should maximize that space accordingly.

One thing you can do is not choose large appliances. Small appliances for small spaces is best. If you are able to find a single appliance that has multiple functions, then all the better.

We hope these tips can help you renovate your kitchen, and subsequently help you out by helping you create the best desserts to serve.


4 Overlooked Benefits of Going to Cafes

Coffee shops and cafes have a great range of benefits that people may not be readily aware of. These extend far more than just serving great cups of coffee, getting your caffeine buzz, and having great desserts and snacks as well.

Let’s take a look at several benefits that going to cafes have on people.

Socializing with People

The first and most obvious benefit would have to be the socialization aspect. Cafes and coffee shops can act as hubs where you can meet up with friends and families. It’s just a safe space that you can gather, relax, and talk about anything.

It’s open and different nature take people out of their shells. When discussing in coffee shops, they wouldn’t normally engage in talking about certain topics. This is especially true if you head to coffee shops and meet up with friends regularly.

More than that though, if you are a regular, it is like a group is being formed with other regulars. It can be a good place to meet new people if you keep seeing certain people there.

Even if you strike up a conversation with someone new though, nobody would think ill of it in a social place like a café. In the long run, you could even end up building your valuable network in a coffee shop.

In other cases, like with offices and businesses that workplace cafes, this is a great opportunity for employees to mingle with one another. If employees know and treat each other well, it is good for the business moving forward.


People think that coffee shops being a converging point for studying and working is a trend. That it was something started by a person and then just copied.

However, there is something to be said about productivity in coffee shops. For one, it gets you out of home. Some people really need a change of scenery to get their minds churning. Some people just want to get out of the house for that matter.

Another thing is that coffee shops are lively places that give people a lot of stimuli. This is especially important for creative people like writers.

While this may not apply to everyone, for some, it does just the trick.

Do Away with Stress

Finally, one of the best benefits to visiting coffee shops is the reduction of stress. Life is hard as it is. Whether it is the daily commute, driving through traffic, all the workload and problems you have on your mind, it is all hard.

A few moments away from everything can do people some good. Settling down in a coffee shop and taking the time to just enjoy your cup of coffee can do you wonders. It can pave your mind with a relaxing plateau before you return to life.

Moreover, if the company has an in-house café, this significantly reduces the stress of employees. For one, they no longer need to go out and find a place to eat at.

These are only a few benefits that cafes give people. Try to visit the best cafes as well. Have a cup of coffee as well. As people know, coffee is good for you and provides a great deal of benefits.


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